Our Top 5 of 2015

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  • January 6, 2016

This year we tried out a new form of a year end review—we made a video about it!

If you’re wondering why I kept staring off, it’s because this was a bit awkward for me. I’m not used to looking at the camera for a long time.And even if I already wrote down what I want to say, I still looked away to remember or to think about the other things that I wanted to say. I’ll do my best to not stare off again.

I know Lendl would like to do more videos this format, so stay tuned!

We list down the following:

  • Top 5 moments of 2015
  • Top 4 movies that came out in 2015
  • Top 3 achieved goals of 2015
  • Top 2 spiritual/life advice for 2016
  • Top 1 goal for 2016

Share your list with us too by commenting below or posting your own video! May you be founded on the Rock!

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