First Weekend Out

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  • August 15, 2018

We had a lot of fun with our family and friends this past weekend! It was our first time being out at night—waaay after Kal’s bed time (he’s in bed by 7pm). Our weekdays are usually quiet and low-key. Our weekends are usually filled with family and friends, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On Friday night, we were at our church’s annual praise and worship night, Seek Him Out! (SHOut! in short) and it was incredible! The theme for the night is God using the young people/young people serving the Lord, based on 1 Timothy 4:12. We thank God for everyone who attended and praying that each one is encouraged to keep or start serving the Lord. It is so encouraging to be surrounded by our young people, multiple churches and fellow believers praising and worshiping God, especially on a Friday summer night. We’re currently on a break from our church’s Young People Ministry (YPM) leadership because of Kal, but it’s been our prayer that we can come back soon, We love serving the Lord through this ministry and really miss our youth! Thanks to my mama for taking care of Kal in the nursery while I catch the second part of the night.

On Saturday, we had one of our Titas’ (aunts) surprise birthday party. It was a Grease-themed party, so we had to dress the part! If the saying “if it’s too loud, you’re too old” is true, then that makes Kal old. The music was too loud, everyone was loud… but that’s normal, it’s a party. Though we didn’t expect him to not be distracted, poor baby just wanted to fall asleep. He wouldn’t feed and sleep until Lendl took him outside, away from all the noise. Since we already had a long Friday night and was going to be out the whole day Sunday, we decided to leave a little earlier than planned.

We were worried that staying out late 2 nights straight would mess up his sleep, but it looks like it didn’t! He slept for hours straight until his usual wake up time at 6:30am. On Sunday, we went to church and then to our nephew/godson’s birthday party. There was food, ice cream truck, lots of cute babies and kids in the bouncy castle yelling “underwear!” Seeing all the older kids the other day reminded me how kids grow up extremely fast and they learn so many things so quickly! It was nice to catch up with our friends who are new parents and becoming parents soon, and our friends who are more like our younger siblings. It’s a blessing to be a part of a church community and have life-long friendships (or eternal fellowship?). Sometimes, the only thing we have in common is Jesus Christ.

Kal’s been a good sleeper after we started a sleep plan about a month ago. We had to keep our nights free to follow through, then I eventually had to keep my days free (meaning no visitors) to get solid naps. Lendl and I haven’t went out for a date night since then, but we have more time by ourselves now. When we started the plan, I was the one who was tearing up, wanted to grab him out of the crib and let him sleep in our bed, while Lendl was the one who kept telling me that we need to do this and he needs to learn. Now that Kal can actually puts himself to sleep, Lendl is the one who constantly asks if Kal can sleep with us because he wants to cuddle him. Kal’s less likely to sleep when he’s held or if we’re on the same bed/nearby, especially when we’re home. He just wants to be by himself, even if he cries and reaches out for me or Lendl once he’s in the crib. I’m glad that Kal can put himself to sleep, but also kinda sad that he can. I’m so relieved, but miss all our cuddle times together. I want him to be independent, but at the same time, I don’t. Any other parent feel this way? We just cherish every time Kal wants to cuddle or fall asleep in our arms and soak up that moment.

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